Durham County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Law Enforcement

The Durham County ABC Board contracts with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch (ALE) for the enforcement of North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) laws within Durham County. ALE is also responsible for the investigation of violations to North Carolina ABC laws. Visit their website or contact their Tip Line at 877-ALE-AGENT to report a violation.

Purpose of ABC Law Enforcement

According to General Statutes on Alcoholic Beverages, the primary responsibility of a local ABC officer is enforcement of the ABC laws and The Controlled Substances Act, after taking the oath prescribed for a peace officer. A local ABC officer may arrest and take other investigatory and enforcement actions for any criminal offense. They are closely allied with other agencies focused on law enforcement, and serving the County of Durham.

Law Enforcement specific to mixed beverage establishments

According to General Statutes on Alcoholic Beverages, local ABC law enforcement officers shall have authority to investigate the operation of each licensed premises for which an ABC permit has been issued, to make inspections that include viewing the entire premises, and to examine the books and records of the permittee. The inspection authorized by law may be made at any time it reasonably appears that someone is on the premises. Refusal by a permittee or by any employee of a permittee to permit officers to enter the premises to make an inspection shall be cause for revocation, suspension or other action against the permit of the permittee. It shall be a Class 2 misdemeanor for any person to resist or obstruct an officer attempting to make a lawful inspection.

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